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BattlebonesPlease be aware that we are putting together an officers meeting this Sunday Feb. 25th at 9 pm eastern. We will be discussing the new Encore release in March and the ramp up to getting our clan ready for it. So officers please spread the word to others. my mic a day early so I'm in TS now. Also I have started updating the recruitment ad.
BattlebonesWhat is new is that I'm back. I was surprised to find the clan in hibernation. Usually this part of the year the clan was always very active. So maybe we can put our heads together and come up with a plan that will increase all areas of the clan. Even this website looks inactive and that is very rare. I really don't know what is going on with the game as of yet, but I'm trying to find out. I missed you guys and talking to you every night in TS. Somewhere on the roadside between New Jersey (the armpit of New York) and Missouri is laying in the ditch is my microphone. I ordered a new one from [link] and will be here Thursday. Then you will never get me to shut up :p
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Bob1357Anybody having trouble logging in to WoT, I tried several times tonight it starts to load and then it cuts out
Bob1357   never mind I looked on the forums and found someone with a similar problem and another guy posted to go into the settings on the launcher and check the game integrity. it downloaded something and now it works
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Bob1357Officers meeting this Wednesday night
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Bob1357   added 14 Ultimate days to War Wolves
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Henschel_und_sohnMerry Christmas to each and everyone in the clan plus have a happy New Year.
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Bob1357Clan meeting will be postponed this week because we did not have our Officers meeting. Officers, please post if you can be online Wednesday night
Bob1357Training room will be postponed this week due to the Thanksgiving Holiday but will resume on 11/29
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